Do you ship outside of US?

Yes we do, we offer international shipping to customers who are outside of US. The shipping is more expensive and takes about 1-2 weeks to arrive based on location. We do not offer tracking for international shipping as it is not offered from our shipping department.

Can I track my order?

Yes, all orders come with a tracking number in the US.

How do I apply/instal a decal?

1. Clean the surface that the decal will be placed on. (warm water with soap or special glass cleaner recommened) 2. Re-smooth the whole decal before applying it as shipping may have loosened it up. 3. Peel back the transfer tape with the decal on it and position it where you would like it. 4. Squeegee and smooth out the decal once its on the perfect place. 5. Remove the transfer tape from the decl by slowly peeling away.

Can I retrun one of your products?

All sales are final. If you do have a probelm with the order let us know. You will have to ship back the product back to us and once we recieve it we will offer a refund or resend it. The shipping will be up to you.

What if I input the wrong address in my order?

If the order hasnt been shipped we will cancel and kindly ask you to place another order with the correct address. On the other hand if the order has been shipped it is out of our reach. Contact us for further instructions. (No refund)

Are you guys open during Covid-19

Yes, we are able to operate from home and still offer our 1-2 day turnaround time!

My shipment is going around the USPS network! Is it lost?

Due to Covid-19 the usps network is facing worker shortages due to the increase spike of online orders and shipping within the states. Allow a few extra days for the package to arrive.


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